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When’s a denture an overdenture

Dentures used to replace a few teeth often use small metal “clasps” around some of the remaining natural teeth in an attempt to hold the denture still. In some cases this works well, the denture fits well and the patient is satisfied. However, dentures often have a tendency to move when you are chewing. Food gets underneath them and when you then bite, you can squash whatever squeezed in under the denture against the gum and if it happens to be a raspberry seed or a bit of muesli in your cereal, it can be very sore.

The same applies to “Complete dentures” replacing all the teeth in the jaw. However there is nothing to hold them still and they can be accurately described as “floatin”. After all, the lips, cheeks and tongue are all moving so the denture can hardly be expected to remain still. Complete dentures are really controlled by “learned oral gymnastics” using the tongue and cheeks to control the movement of the denture.

When is a denture not a denture? When it’s an overdenture.

Nowadays, technology has given us an answer to these unsatisfactory “false teeth” and we are able to place implants into the jaw. For more detailed information on implants see the article on implants in our information series. However, implants are Titanium screws that become part of the bone and allow us to attach a number of different things on top. In the case of dentures we can attach what are called “precision attachments” to the implant that have a matching attachment that fits into the denture and when the two are pushed together, the denture “clips” in and “snaps” into place. Now you have a denture that fits over the implants and hence the denture is now known as an “Overdenture”.

More and more patients are moving away from “old-fashioned” dentures and wearing either “overdentures” or bridges. These are both far more predictable, far more comfortable, and avoids the loss of confidence that comes from never being quite sure if your teeth are going to suddenly take on a life of their own and move around in the mouth, making eating, smiling, talking and laughing a real challenge.

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