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Dental Extractions And Alveolectomy

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Dental Extractions or Surgical Removal of Problem Teeth

Most general dentists perform dental extractions but some teeth are unsuitable for simple extraction in the dental chair. Such teeth may include posterior molar teeth with complex roots that may be curved, or roots that may be located within or close to the maxillary sinus or close to the nerve in the lower jaw.

Teeth are often identified as likely to be difficult dental extractions by taking the appropriate x-rays. Once identified, the general dentist may feel the dental extraction would be best performed surgically by a suitably trained, qualified and experienced colleague.

Difficult teeth can be removed relatively simply by the use of advanced surgical equipment and techniques. Procedures may be possible in the dental chair under local anesthetic, with or without sedation, or in a day surgery unit under general anesthetic.

Dr. Saltmiras has the surgical training and skills to remove the most difficult teeth providing a more comfortable recovery period after surgery.

Sometimes the removal of multiple teeth is required as a result of extensive dental decay, gum disease or trauma.

Dental Clearance is the dental extraction or removal of all remaining natural teeth. This may be necessary where insufficient healthy teeth would remain after the removal of all diseased teeth. A few remaining teeth often provide inadequate support for dentures and the patient may find they function better if all teeth are removed and complete dentures are provided.


An Alveolectomy is a form of pre-prosthetic surgery provided at the time of tooth removal. It is a proactive way to prevent problems with dentures later.

After dental clearance, the remaining bone is often sharp and very uneven. This makes it impossible for the patient to wear a denture due to the damage to the soft gum tissues caused by the sharp bone beneath. This is avoided if the tooth removal is performed in conjunction with an alveolectomy where the remaining jaw bone is smoothed and shaped to provide the denture with a stable foundation and no sharp edges.

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Legal Disclaimer

All surgery carries inherent risks and complications and it is especially important that you understand and accept these risks prior to proceeding. This may include seeking a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.


In our treatment protocol, the denture should be adjusted within 24-48 hours after surgery to ensure no rubbing takes place; this is performed by the prosthetist who provided the denture. Generally, such surgery is performed in a day surgery unit under general anaesthetic. Recovery is normally free of complications and the patient’s comfort during the healing period after surgery is assisted by the use of antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers.

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