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Our first useful links is for Neoss dental implants. Neoss dental implants are the implants of choice for Dr. Colin Priestland at NQ Surgical Dentistry. Dr. Priestland has been using these for over 20 years with outstanding results. Neoss is committed to keeping their implant system simple, versatile and competitive in a market where there are an increasing number of implant companies. These implants are manufactured from pure Type 4 commercial grade titanium and are of the highest quality.

Dr. Priestland only uses Pure type 4 Titanium implants preferring to avoid alloy implants due to the relative scarcity of long-term data on alloy implants. Neoss’ continued research and development have kept this implant system ahead of competitors. It has a micro-rough hydrophilic surface that ensures early integration with bone with a collar of smoother Titanium that assists in preventing plaque accumulation to keep the incidence of destructive inflammation causing bone loss, around the implant, known as peri-implantitis, to a minimum.

Neoss also provides a Titanium reinforced expanded polytrafluoroethylene (PTFE) membrane (NeoGen) used to rebuild lost bone contour to allow for the placement of implants in sites where previous bone loss has taken place.

Geistlich-Pharma Australia is a Swiss company involved in the provision of bone grafting materials. The products have extensive international research to support their safety and effectiveness. Dr. Priestland has been using these products for nearly 20 years and continues to use them along with newer products only recently approved for use in Australia by the Therapeutic Goods Authority. These products are used for both soft tissue and bone grafting. Bio-Oss is the bone grafting material against which other materials are judged. It has an exceptional success rate and used in conjunction with Bio-Gide, a resorbable collagen membrane, it allows for the replacement of lost bone. Bio-Oss Collagen Block is also used for the preservation of bone after extraction of a tooth to prevent bone loss before an implant can be placed into the site.
BioHorizons provides a range of biological equipment and materials. Dr. Priestland uses Alloderm, a human donor connective tissue graft that encourages regrowth of lost tissue and achieves reliable root coverage for patients who have suffered from severe and un-aesthetic gum recession. This is used in a microsurgical procedure.

The Mater Hospitals and Day Surgery Units are a high quality medical secondary care organisation that provides caring patient support. These hospitals and units also provide the operating theatre and nursing facilities required for Dr. Priestland to perform much of his more advanced surgical treatment. He works all day every Wednesday in theatre at the Mater Hospital Day Surgery facility at Hyde Park and occasionally at the Mater Hospital Pimlico.

At NQ Surgical Dentistry, We Offer:

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