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NQ Surgical Dentistry - Ahead of the Rest EMS AIRFLOW® PROPHYLAXIS MASTER

With the recent release of the newest generation of technology for periodontal therapy, NQ Surgical Dentistry has moved forward once again by obtaining one of the first of this new EMS technology – The AIRFLOW® PROPHYLAXIS MASTER.

When the teeth are cleaned, in the past, the cold water and air cause sensitivity and so all patients were better treated with local anaesthetic.  With this new EMS AIRFLOW® PROPHYLAXIS MASTER, the water can be warmed to 40 degrees giving the teeth and gums a warm spa treatment.  Those patients who would prefer to have local anaesthetic can still do so but it is not always necessary now.

This new treatment for periodontal disease uses a process of Guided Biofilm Therapy to first stain the plaque and calculus, making them easy to see and then the teeth receive a gentle spray cleaning using fine low abrasive material called AirFlow to remove the plaque and softer tartar.

The remaining deposits on the root surfaces beneath the gum receive a similar warm spa cleaning using the PerioFlow.  Finally any remaining hard persistent tartar is removed with the Piezon smooth tip.  No sharp edges, no scraping – all that aggressive root cleaning is now confined to history at NQ Surgical Dentistry on Kings Road Pimlico.

Its an exciting time in periodontal treatment” says Dr Colin Priestland who obtained his UK Masters degree in periodontics (gum disease treatment) in London in 1990 and has been involved in providing periodontal treatment since then.

His dental hygienist, Sharon Everett also has nearly 30 years experience in the treatment of gum disease and she too is excited about this new approach and the newest equipment on the market.


Spa treatment for gum disease, who would have thought it.


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