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New Neoss ProActive Implants - Now Available in Townsville.

The new Neoss ProActive Edge implant is now available here in Australia. It has a wider thread and enhanced stability by its design features, especially in lower density grade 3 and 4 bone found in the maxilla but it can be used in any bone type. It still has its ProActive and super hydrophilic surface noted for fast healing.

“The Edge” has the same prosthetic platform design, no additional equipment is required by the restoring dentist and all clinical procedures are exactly the same as the procedures used for the Bimodal and ProActive implants. The useful iGo coaxial abutment screw makes restoration even easier giving the restoring dentist leeway to ensure the screw access channel is just where it needs to be.

Less bone is removed to facilitate implant insertion with “The Edge” and the insertion procedure uses less drills. Normally only 2 drills are used and if the bone is really dense maybe 3 drills will be used. Its easier than before, quicker than before and is going to be in high demand with all these advantages. It takes less time and patients spend less time in the chair. Everyone gains.

Extremely high implant stability is achieved at insertion and time from insertion to impressions and restoration is shorter.

This is a major step forward for Neoss who are already ahead of their competition and achieving high stability, high cumulative success rates of 96-98% or better and now are achieving shorter procedure time, shorter healing times, high implant stability that is maintained and less invasive surgery.

Watch this space!

Available now here in Townsville.

It’s time to Edge ahead of the competition!


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