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Smile, speak and eat with confidence!

Avoid the embarrassing and uncomfortable movement of your dentures and smile with confidence with implant supported dentures…

The feel and function of dentures can take some getting used to, with most patients acclimatising to their new restoration within a few weeks. What most patients never get used to is dentures that do not stay in place when they smile, speak and eat; a factor that can cause a lack of confidence. Unstable dentures can also limit a patient’s diet and the social activities they participate in.You can avoid uncomfortable movement and regain you smile with confidence with implant supported dentures

Lower dentures are particularly susceptible to movement due to a range of factors:

  • The lower denture is supported by a small, thin gum pad.
  • Your tongue is constantly exerting pressure on your lower denture.
  • Your lips and cheeks also place pressure on lower dentures when you speak, smile and eat.

At our Townsville practice, we can restore the function and appearance of your smile with implant retained dentures.

Dental implants are a revolutionary restorative dental procedure that essentially uses titanium “screws” that are placed into the jaw bone to act as a replacement for a natural tooth root. Over a period of months these implants fully integrate with your jaw bone (a process called osseointegration) to create a permanent, solid foundation for your dentures.

Smile with confidence with implant supported dentures:

  • They help retain bone structure.
  • Decrease stress exerted on the surrounding teeth.
  • Reduce the risk of TMJ syndrome.
  • Decrease the chance of gum tissue shrinkage.
  • A permanent solution to tooth loss.

Your dentures are then attached to these dental implants to create a highly functional restoration.

To find out more about implant supported dentures, or to book an appointment at our practice based in Townsville, please contact the friendly team at NQ Surgical Dentistry today on (07) 4725 1656 or call in to see us at 183 Kings Rd, Pimlico QLD 4812


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