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Don't forget to Brush during the rush

Christmas is getting closer folks, and we are all trying to tie up those loose ends at work and finish off all those little jobs that remain outstanding. While we work ourselves up to a crescendo we also receive all those Christmas drinks and party invites to attend, which adds to the length of the days, rushing home from work, shower-n-change and out again for the customary drinks and nibbles only to get back, and then dash off to bed to lie awake reflecting on all the jobs you haven’t had the time to do or the things you forgot to do!

One of the things that can be forgotten is the thorough tooth brushing that can get dropped from routine or cut short in the haste of getting to bed after a night out. Those little bugs are still up, working away and maintaining their constant attack on the teeth and gums. They just lie around unseen, feeding on the lovely sweet residues left around the teeth. I think of the bugs rather like Father Christmas feeding off the lovely nibbles left for him on Christmas night as he travels the world doing his magic. Have you ever thought of the wonderful selection of foods he must encounter in just that one night travelling around from one food culture to another? Anyway, that’s another story, and I wonder if he remembers to clean his teeth when he finally collapses in a big heap when he gets back to the North Pole!

So my thought for the week is this: think about the little bugs working their evil around your teeth, and don’t forget to put in the time to clean well and don’t drop your guard against tooth decay and gum disease this Christmas time.

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas everybody and lots of happy tooth-brushing in the fight against tooth decay and gum disease.
As they say, “Fight the good fight”!

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