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Beautiful Smiles with NQ Surgical Dentistry

Discover your beautiful smile with an obvious affect on your appearance. Tooth loss is a very common injury experienced by many Australians and can result in several problems if left untreated. as well as on the neighbouring teeth which can drift to partially close the gap between teeth, however this creates a crooked smile with misaligned teeth. Such appearance may cause the patient to become embarrassed and directly impact their self-confidence.

Did you know that your smile is the first thing people notice about you? Tooth loss can also affect how people see and treat you, too.

While tooth loss can be treated with removable dentures (also known as a plate), this is not a popular solution as they can result in extensive damage to the periodontal tissues (the gums) as well as the teeth. The GOLD STANDARD nowadays is to replace missing teeth with dental implants, available at NQ Surgical Dentistry in Townsville.

What are dental implants?

A dental implant is essentially an artificial tooth that consists of a titanium screw and porcelain crown. The screw is surgically implanted into your jawbone to act as a substitute tooth root. After your jaw has accepted the screw as a natural part of your biology, the screw fuses with the bone, creating a solid and strong foundation.

The cap is then placed over the screw and the gap in your teeth is filled! Experience a permanent solution to your tooth loss and discover a fully functional and beautiful smile again with dental implants placed with surgical precision at NQ Surgical Dentistry in Townsville.

Discover your beautiful smile today

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