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Look good the whole year through

Denture Wearers Look Good All Year

Denture wearers so often go years and years with the same denture and just accept that it gets a bit stained.  Not only stained but gradually it becomes just a little bit looser but you will make do for a bit longer until it really doesn’t fit.  But why should you?

Dentures should look natural and fit well or they move during function If they move, they have a tendency to rub and they can lead to exaggerated bone loss under the denture which then means they become even looser.

There are two things you can do.  First, you can have the denture relined if generally it is still in good condition and the “bite” is good.  A reline is really not that expensive and can be done quickly and effectively makes the denture feel new again.  The alternative is to have the denture remade and get a new denture.

A Dental Prosthetist can provide either of these alternatives.  He or she is a Dental Technician with clinical training.  They spend their life doing this work and needless to say, they get very good at it.

It is however also important for you to have a dentist examine your mouth annually.  Whether you have any teeth or not this remains a rule.  It is a dentist who has the background experience in spotting and diagnosing different soft tissue lesions that can arise in the mouth.

With Oral cancer increasing in prevalence, in all groups of the population with or without teeth, it is very important to have an oral expert check you out.  If oral cancer is diagnosed early, the future can be very positive.  Sadly, late diagnosis is very bad news and so my message is loud and clear.  Get a dental checkup with a dentist every year.  It can save your life.

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